Silver Line

A word for everyone

There are more than 500 000 old age people living in Lithuania. Our society is aging at the fastest pace in the whole European Union and it is estimated by 2030 every third resident in the country will be older than 60 years old. All that has been followed by diminishing human and social relationship, loneliness, isolation and even bad health and poverty.

Based on the data from Statistics Lithuania, almost half of the population over 65 years old live alone, hardly 5% of them still work, up to 20% live in poverty. According to the most recent data from Global AgeWatch, Lithuania ranks only 63 out of 96 countries based elderly people living conditions.

„Silver Line“ is our solution to fight loneliness and isolation of elderly people in Lithuania: it is a free of charge be-friending and support line, providing information, friendship and advise to old age people.  

„Silver Line“:

> Offers regular befriending calls.

> Protects and supports those who are suffering abuse and neglect.

> Offers information, friendship and advice.

> Clears the air for the good mood and a better health.

> Empowers elderly people to overcome difficulties.