Support us

Every little counts

If you are a resident of Lithuania or your company is registered here, you can contribute:

> at donations portal;
> by sharing up to 2% of your annual personal income tax paid – please download an example of how to fill the form (in Lithuanian);
> by texting „galiu1“, „galiu3“ or „galiu5“ to 1670 and supporting us by 1 Eur, 3 Eur or 5 Eur respectively;
> by sharing a portion of the annual net profit of your company – and you get income tax incentives (in Lithuanian).


Should you prefer to wire us directly, please find below the bank account details:

Beneficiary: M. Čiuželio labdaros ir paramos fondas
Registration No: 303474437
Bank: Swedbank, AB 
IBAN: LT97 7300 0101 4134 5061