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Last year was an exceptional one for MC Charity Foundation not only for the achievements of Sidabrine linija, but also for the increase of brand awareness and trust gained, regional development and the new projects.


It was a challenging quarter for the broader market as prolonged period of generally declining volatility ended abruptly in February 2018. Equities, credit, mortgage backed securities, treasury bonds, and the US dollar all saw negative performance for the quarter. Now that long awaited volatility is back and fiercer than it’s been in years, hedge funds have a perfect opportunity to prove themselves. If they manage to capitalize on the current situation, investors’ perception towards the industry could improve significantly.


Q4 was rich of important events that inevitably had both direct and indirect impact on the hedge funds sector. The prolonged appreciation in stock prices has raised uncertainty over equity markets and renewed confidence in the hedge funds. MC Investments’ portfolio of selected hedge funds ended the year delivering even stronger gains of 2.96% and 15.07% for Q4 and 2017 respectively.