MC Investments

Be well-invested

MC Investments is an independent investment funds research and marketing and institutional investors advisory company with a special focus on Alternative Investments and Hedge funds in particular. At MC Investments we have built strong and lasting relationships with thoroughly selected fund managers around the world (from well-known global names to niche market players), managing $20b of assets with very attractive and solid risk adjusted performance metrics. We aim to present you – our clients – with capital market non correlated products and strategies seeking to further enhance your portfolios. It's all about empowering your business – helping you cater your unique needs and to achieve your investment goals.

We cover 16 countries worldwide having the investors and / or business partners in China, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Middle East, the Netherlands, Russia, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK, USA who jointly allocated more than $200m to our selected ideas. 

Challenge us:

> Request the full list of our selected managers and their fund information;

> Request introduction to the managers of the selected alternatives;

> Introduce us to your due diligence team for us to present them new alternative ideas;

> Request examples of our due diligence work performed: due diligence reports, presentations, publications;

> Tell us your alternative investment research, due diligence and selection needs to discuss how we can help you with products selection as well as processes building.