Investment portfolio reporting

The big picture view in a few seconds

At MC Wealth Management we developed an investment portfolio reporting system which clearly meets the best investment performance reporting standards from the global players. The system is flexible and easily adabtable for individual needs, it automatically updates financial vehicles’ and positions’ data from various sources, aggregates and analyzes it in different angles. That allows both our clients and us for a live analysis of investment portfolios‘ dynamics for a selected timeframe as well as generate the detailed and comprehensive reports in just a few seconds. Most importantly, the system allows to aggregate positions hold and accounts booked with various brokers, banks and service providers. What it means is a complete “big picture” view of the whole investment portfolio and, as a result, a more efficient allocation and management.

Reports generated clearly and visually demonstrate the following data and information about the investment portfolio for any selected timeframe:
> Key performance data of the portfolio (risk and return metrics, accrued fees, etc);
> Asset allocation split between asset classes and currencies;
> Value dynamics in comparison with selected benchmarks;
> Monthly and yearly return distribution;
> Relevant information of portfolio positions;
> All the transactions and cash flow movements.

Download an example report of a hypothetical portfolio (so far only in Lithuanian) and get in touch to learn more how it can help you.